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The vagina has so many names [Dec. 6th, 2009|09:25 pm]
Butter Logs

Bald Biscuit
Banana Box
Bear Trap
Bearded Ax Wound
Bearded Clam
Bearded Taco
Beaver Teeth
Beef Tomato
Beetle Hood
Belly Entrance
Bikini Bizkit
Bird's Nest
Birth Canal
Bitch Ditch
Black Hole
Black Hole Of Calcutta
Black Oak
Cock Pocket
Cock Sock
Cock Socket
Cock Squeezer
Cock Warmer
Cockp it
Cold Cut Combo
Conch Shell
Coochie Pop
Coose Canal
Cooter Muffin
Count Fapula
Courtney Cocksleve
Crack Of Heaven
Crave Cave
Cream Canal
Crotch Waffle
Cucumber Canal
Cum Crack
Cum Craver
Cun try Pie
Cupid's Cupboard
Curly Curtains
Davey Jones Locker
Dead Clam
Deep Pink
Deep Socket
Deer Hoof
Devil's Hole
Dick Basket
Dick Deposit
Dick Driver
Dick Dungeon
Dick Eater
Dick Mitten
Dick Rack
Dildo Hotel
Dinner Roll
Dna Dumpster
Dog's Mouth
Door Of Life
Dove Breast
Egg Drop Box
Enchilada Of Love
Erie Canal
Fetus Flaps
Field Of Dreams
Fish Canyon
Fish Dish
Fish Mitten
Fish Sandwich
Flapp ed Bap
Flesh Cavern
Flesh Tuxedo
Fly Catcher
Fortune Nookie (china)
Front Bottom
Fruit Cup
Fuck Donut
Fuck Pocket
Fun Hatch
Fur Burger
Furrogi (poland)
Furry 8 Ball Rack
Furry Furnace
Fury Pink Mink
Fuzz Box
Fuzz Bucket
Fuzzy Wuzzy
G izmo
Glory Hole
Golden Arches
Golden Palace
Golden Valley
Goodie Basket
Grandest Canyon
Grassy Knoll
Ground Zero
Hair Pie
Hairy Doughnut
Hairy Heaven
Hairy Potter
Ham Sandwich
Hamper Of Goodies
Happy Flappy
Happy Valley
Hatchet Wound
Head Catcher
Her Asshole Neighbor
Holiest Of Holies
Holy Grail
Home Plate
Honey Pot
Horn Of Plenty
Hot Pocket
Hot Spot
Hot Tamaki Walk
Hump Hole
Hungry Minge
Indian Bones and the Temple of Poon
Jaws Of Life
Jelly Roll
Jewel Box
Jezebel's Smell
Jizz Recepticle
Juice Box
Kitty Cage
Kitty Kat
Lap Flounder
Launch Pad
Lawrence Of A Labia
Lick N' Stick
Lip Jeans
Lip Tip
Little Debbie
Lobster Pot
Love Canal
Love Cave
Love Glove
Love Hole
Love Rug
Mamm al Hole
Man In The Boat
Man's Charity Bash
Mans Ruin
Marcia (australia)
Meat Counter
Meat Crease
Meat Curtains
Meat Massager
Meat Tunnel
Meat Wagon
Midnight Dip
Mommy Parts
Mommy's Pie
Mossy Jaw
Mound Of Venus
Mud Flaps
Mule Nose
Mumble Pants (sweden)
Mumbler (australia)
Mystical Fold
Nappy Dugout
Nappy Roots
Nether Lips
Nice Slice
Ninja Boot
O ld Catchers Mitt
One Eyed Worm Hole
One-eyed Python Trail
Packin Shack
Pancake Fold
Pandora's Box
Panty Hamster
Pastrami Flaps
Pearl Hotel
Pee Jaws
Penalty Box
Penis Parking
Penis Pothole
Penis Purse
Penis Warmer
Peter Vise
Peters Grove
Pickle Stinker
Pink Circle
Pink Cookie
Pink Heaven
Pink Panther
Pink Portal
Pink Taco
Pink Truffle
Pink Turtleneck
Pish Buffet
Piss Fenders
Piss Flaps
Pissy Froth Hole
Pocket Pie
Pole Hole
Pole Magnet
Poody Tat
Poon Jab
Poontang Pie
Pork Pie
Pound Cake
Private Area
Pud Pocket
Purple People Penis Eater
Python Syphon
Queef Quarters
Rack Of Clam
Rattlesnake Canyon
Red Lane
Red River Gorge
Red Sea
Republic Of Labia
Richards House
Roast Beef Curtains
Rooster Jaws
Round Mound Of Beehound
Salami Garage
Saloon Doors
Sausage Wallet
Scrambled Eggs Between the Legs
Sea Food Six Pack
Serpent Socket
Silk Funnel
Silk Igloo
Skin Canoe
Slice Of Heaven
Slippery Slide
Slop Hole
Slot Pocket
Slurpee Machine
Snail Tracker
Snake Charmer
Snake Lake
So uth Mouth
Spasm Chasm
Sperm Bank
Sperm Shack
Sperm Sucker
Spitball Bullseye
Split Dick
Squeeze-b ox
Stench Trench
Stink Rink
Stinky Speedway
Suga r Basin
Sugar Hole
Sweat Box
Sweet Briar
Tackle Box
Tampon Tunnel
Temperamental Ringpiece
Temporary Lodgings
The Big Casino
The Big W
The Blow Hole
The Bone Collector
The Condo Downstate
The Cum Dump
The Dea Bone Patch
The Death Of Adam
The Deflower Patch
The Easy Bake Oven
The Fish Flap
The Furry Cup
The Great Divide
The Helmet Hide-a-way
The Indoor Barbecue
The Indoor Picnic
The Notorious V.a.g.
The One-door Vulva
The Promised Land
The Pump Protector
The Schlong Sucker
The Shrine
The Toothless Blowjob
The Twatlantic Ocean
The Unmentionable
The Vegan Store
The Vegetarian's Temptation
The Virginator
The Welcome Opponent
The Wombsday Book
Theme Park
Tickled Pink
Tinker Bell
Tomahawk Chop
Tongue Depressor
Tongue Roll
Tu na Pot Pie
Tuna Spread
Tuna Taco
Tuna Town
Tunnel Of Love
Vacuum Vulva
VAG (didn't forget it Muted you dodo)
V elcro Love Triangle
Venus Butterfly
Vertical Smile
Wagon Ruts
Wand Waxer
Weiner Wrap
Welly Top
Wet Mark
Wet Seal
Where Uncle's Doodle goes
Whisker Biscuit
Willys Haven
Wilt Chamberlian's daily glove
Wizard's Sleeve
Wolly Bolly
Womens Weapon
Wonder Bread
Yeast Pocket
Yo Yo Smuggler
Bologna Flap-over
Bone Hider
Bone Polisher
Bottom less Pit
Boy In The Canoe
Brazilia n Caterpillar
Br eakfast Of Champions
Buffalo Gums
Bunny Tuft
Burger Bar
Bush Tucker
Calamari Cockring
Camarillo Brillo
Candy Kiss
Catch er's Mitt
Cats Paw
Cherry Pop Tart
Chia Hole
Chicken's Tongue
Clam Canal
Clap Trap
Clit Slit
Cock Cave
Cock Curator
Cock Holster
Cock Magnet
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finally a new one [Aug. 27th, 2009|11:49 pm]
Butter Logs

[Tags|, , , , ]
[Current Location |Michigan]
[Current Mood |drainedsauced]

LaughItUpEz: you should be a professional sky investigator

breakfastportal: i'm not sure where i'd sign up for that
breakfastportal: sky hut

LaughItUpEz: yes

breakfastportal: i want that though

LaughItUpEz: to go to sky hut?
LaughItUpEz: i'll take you

breakfastportal: hrm
breakfastportal: i think you're hugging the bald-headed pork furniture.
breakfastportal: so to speak

LaughItUpEz: what the fuck
LaughItUpEz: habla englis por favor

breakfastportal: just an expression.. like 'pulling my chain'
breakfastportal: wait, how is that not english?
breakfastportal: you were.. hugging the bald-headed pork furniture.

LaughItUpEz: it's not english that i understand

breakfastportal: a bunch of people's grandpa's used to say that

LaughItUpEz: that sounds like a lie
LaughItUpEz: so basically you don't believe i'll take you?

breakfastportal: i don't think it's a real place

LaughItUpEz: you need to learn to trust me

breakfastportal: well now you're huffing the walrus

LaughItUpEz: you're making me want to drive there to smack you around

breakfastportal: i don't think i understand where that's coming from

LaughItUpEz: i don't know what huffing the walrus means, you're talking crazy

breakfastportal: it's really just an expression
breakfastportal: i just tried to use one that was more known that time

LaughItUpEz: you ever use pandora music or something like that

breakfastportal: i used it this one time

LaughItUpEz: just say what you mean and stop using crazy talk
LaughItUpEz: i'm using it for the first time and i'm liking it

breakfastportal: yeah, i remember it was kind of fun

LaughItUpEz: you're kind of fun

breakfastportal: after i used it a few times though, it was kind of cramming the leather sweet potatoes.
breakfastportal: aw thanks

LaughItUpEz: i take that back actually
LaughItUpEz: after that potato comment
LaughItUpEz: i can't even talk to you

breakfastportal: i wish i knew how to talk to you

LaughItUpEz: haah

breakfastportal: i didn't know there were so many rules

LaughItUpEz: just don't use crazy phrases, that's all

breakfastportal: hrm, i guess they're just kind of automatic
breakfastportal: i can try to stop

LaughItUpEz: hah, when i glanced at the screen i thought you wrote romantic

breakfastportal: is it okay that i didn't?

LaughItUpEz: yesssss

breakfastportal: oh okay, i don't know too much about that other word

LaughItUpEz: automatic or romantic?

breakfastportal: the one that you said

LaughItUpEz: you're not romantic billio?

breakfastportal: i dont think so

LaughItUpEz: that's a shame
LaughItUpEz: not many guys are

breakfastportal: i try i guess
breakfastportal: my idea of being romantic is punching the flesh fishbowl.
breakfastportal: most girls don't feel the same way

LaughItUpEz: most girls don't know what that means

breakfastportal: well, i doubt that
breakfastportal: i think they just choose to ignore it
breakfastportal: i added a word to the urban dictionary today

LaughItUpEz: what word is that

breakfastportal: meal banger

LaughItUpEz: means?

breakfastportal: it's just someone that has sex with food

LaughItUpEz: like yourself?

breakfastportal: well i gave an example
breakfastportal: Delores got home from work early and was looking forward to heating up the leftover spaghetti from the previous night... She walked into the kitchen to find her husband, Baxter, having sex with the leftover pasta... She shouted "you meal banger!" and proceeded to insert a piece of garlic bread in her vagina.
breakfastportal: i don't do it, but lots of people do

LaughItUpEz: i fear for your future wife/children
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Saturday [Apr. 16th, 2009|11:41 pm]
Butter Logs

[Current Location |Michigan]
[Current Mood |optimisticfloop]
[Current Music |Secret Chiefs 3 - Barakiel]

djjonum: you gave me a custom beep

breakfast portal: it's a sound bite of someone eating a coney dog.
breakfast portal: did you get to watch that red wings game?

djjonum: nah, I was at work all day

breakfast portal: aw no
breakfast portal: ass gimlet

djjonum: run those ass spirits through a brita a few times

breakfast portal: i do it the old fashion way. through a tennis raquette.

djjonum: that only filters the anal squids though

breakfast portal: i cant believe you got high without me

djjonum: the fatty we smoked was thicker than a coke bottle

breakfast portal: hrm
breakfast portal: my friend armando just brought over this blunt that's shaped like a pyramid.
breakfast portal: when we're done if we chant this one shit, we can chat with the blunt god of new beginnings i guess

djjonum: sounds like that shit would start out mega-strong, then end pretty wimpingly

breakfast portal: not if he kicks our asses

djjonum: you always wanted a friend Armando, but I don't think you ever found one

Auto response from breakfast portal: big business

breakfast portal: not that much, he lets me use his name because he knows it's a good one
breakfast portal: i wish you could get on board with that

djjonum: saturday is gonna be the whip
djjonum: it's gonna be a celebration all day

breakfast portal: i need to add saturday to my calendar
breakfast portal: what is going on then, i think i forgot

djjonum: daytime hanging
djjonum: dominics
djjonum: elks lodge probly

breakfast portal: all that, yeah?
breakfast portal: whats the celebration?

djjonum: life
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Bones has a new screen name [Mar. 3rd, 2009|06:14 pm]
Butter Logs

[Tags|, , ]
[Current Location |Michigan]
[Current Mood |hyperunsauced]
[Current Music |Sam Cooke]

breakfast portal: oh okay
breakfast portal: we could check out that horror movie where the kid throws up a lamp.
breakfast portal: based on a true story

killthekilgore: haha
killthekilgore: what true story is that?
killthekilgore: howd that sleepytimeartmuseum go?

breakfast portal: about demons that haunt people in conneticut
breakfast portal: and make them puke lamps
breakfast portal: you don't need to look that up, it's a real movie.

killthekilgore: hahah
killthekilgore: i am not even gonna try to look that up
killthekilgore: what bar would you like to attend?

breakfast portal: i guess before the mother has the kid she's doing a lot of bad shit, like steaming the stubborn chipmunk with bloody pentagrams
breakfast portal: and then a door opens
breakfast portal: to another dimension
breakfast portal: want to go to lowertown?
breakfast portal: she sacrifices her vagina grumdrobilon... who is apparently a dark lieutenant of hell.

killthekilgore: yeah,we can do lowertown.
killthekilgore: i didn't know if you'd want to stay in gc area.
killthekilgore: dude
killthekilgore: you're writing this movie right now

breakfast portal: i can stay in any area

killthekilgore: well,when is the stones game?
breakfast portal: 7:34 i think
killthekilgore: 734?
killthekilgore: i think you made that up.
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birthday bones chat [Jan. 3rd, 2009|05:45 pm]
Butter Logs

[Current Music |sonic youth]

breakfast portal: are you pretty excited for that boner party?

bennyb0nes: i am

Auto response from breakfast portal: getting remotes for everything.

bennyb0nes: i need to figure out how i am gonna get down there though.
bennyb0nes: and im thinking about getting a hotel room or somethin
bennyb0nes: so people have options and such

breakfast portal: I hope they have some Celestial Butter on the juke box.
breakfast portal: oh okay
breakfast portal: that place stays open until 6am i thought

bennyb0nes: haha
bennyb0nes: have you ever been there?

breakfast portal: i'm still not even sure if i believe that it exists

bennyb0nes: haha
bennyb0nes: it does
bennyb0nes: i know the directions
bennyb0nes: sort of

breakfast portal: only you know them

bennyb0nes: haha
bennyb0nes: yeah
bennyb0nes: only me

breakfast portal: you're parting my blazing pork turtle
breakfast portal: i think

bennyb0nes: do you even know what a blazing pork turtle is?

breakfast portal: it's just an expression

bennyb0nes: oh
bennyb0nes: i thought it was like the big foot
bennyb0nes: or the mothmad
bennyb0nes: man

breakfast portal: the trouser foot?
bennyb0nes: haha

breakfast portal: why didn't you just have your party at bitch creek or something?

bennyb0nes: meh

breakfast portal: they let you fuck with the animal heads now

bennyb0nes: because i didnt want to have my party in westland
bennyb0nes: haha

breakfast portal: you can take bitch pics with them

bennyb0nes: like put chalk in the fish heads

breakfast portal: you could pour your beer all over the giant moose
breakfast portal: i guess they dont care
breakfast portal: i threw a football at the swordfish in the billiards room.

bennyb0nes: haha
bennyb0nes: when was the last time you were even there?
bennyb0nes: dude
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bitchpeppers [Nov. 16th, 2008|04:55 pm]
Butter Logs

[Current Mood |lazylazy]
[Current Music |Leper Cataclysm]

breakfast portal: hah
breakfast portal: we just need another touchdown and to go for two
breakfast portal: bitchpiznepper

EcricketZ: slutpepper

breakfast portal: yea, hosspepper

EcricketZ: lol

breakfast portal: Wax Motherfucker
breakfast portal: Negative Wind
breakfast portal: oops

EcricketZ: Positive Flux

breakfast portal: its like im sayin

EcricketZ: Neutral Waters

EcricketZ: hahah bitch pepper fumbles

breakfast portal: asspepper just got served by peppers

EcricketZ: bitchpepepr got server by hood peppers

breakfast portal: gangsta peppers
breakfast portal: Celtic Viking
breakfast portal: spaghetti spaghetti

EcricketZ: no shit?
EcricketZ: wow
EcricketZ: rigitoni wit cheese and balona only

breakfast portal: gotta give up that pocket badger
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(no subject) [Jul. 25th, 2008|12:48 pm]
Butter Logs

[Current Mood |gloomyhungover]
[Current Music |decapitated - day 69]

Auto response from djjonum: oh what a day!

breakfast portal: i just took a shower and that helped a little
breakfast portal: you should try it

djjonum: yeah I keep saying I'm going to do it, but I never do
breakfast portal: just do it now then
breakfast portal: nothing is stopping you

djjonum: everything is

breakfast portal: seize that shit
breakfast portal: i bet that im more hungover than you

djjonum: haha, how do we decide for sure?
djjonum: let's have a throwing up contest in the bathroom

breakfast portal: haha
breakfast portal: this song just came on
breakfast portal: on random
breakfast portal: toxic holocaust : whores and vodka

djjonum: hahaha
djjonum: is it good

breakfast portal: thats the medicine you need
breakfast portal: yes, i feel almost completely restored now that i heard that
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Bones Chat 8 [May. 31st, 2008|07:04 pm]
Butter Logs

[Current Location |GC Mich]
[Current Mood |indifferentindifferent]

bennyb0nes: yeah,i mean.

breakfast portal: fuckin hen malt

bennyb0nes: i think its cool they made it to the conference finals six years in a row.
bennyb0nes: but somethings keeping them down.
bennyb0nes: and i think its sheed.

breakfast portal: yea, rasheed was totally plowing the polish flesh peach.
breakfast portal: for a good portion of the playoffs
breakfast portal: you gonna check out that sex in the city movie?

bennyb0nes: yeah man
bennyb0nes: real quick like too.
bennyb0nes: like yesterday

breakfast portal: it kind of looks pretty good
breakfast portal: all those old bitches are just buttering the slug
breakfast portal: like the whole movie

bennyb0nes: yeah
bennyb0nes: real classy porno

breakfast portal: and that one dude is trying to harvest their sloppy dugouts
breakfast portal: it's pure genius
breakfast portal: seriously though man
breakfast portal: what are you doing later?
breakfast portal: other than taking bitch pics with your gas mask.
breakfast portal: huh?

bennyb0nes: im working
bennyb0nes: till 1030
bennyb0nes: then i dunno.

breakfast portal: that's not late though

bennyb0nes: yeah,i know.
bennyb0nes: i think im gonna get up early tomorrow though
bennyb0nes: theres a bunch of shite i need to get done.

breakfast portal: there's no reason for that

bennyb0nes: meh.
bennyb0nes: mabe
bennyb0nes: maybe

breakfast portal: i was going to see if you wanted to grab some wizard parsley and try to talk to my old dog's spirit with my ouija board.

bennyb0nes: i dunno
bennyb0nes: weird
bennyb0nes: i don't know what any of that stuff is.

breakfast portal: the ouija board glows in the dark dude

bennyb0nes: awesome
bennyb0nes: i dunno man
bennyb0nes: hit me up when you get outta work
bennyb0nes: we'll see what im up to.

breakfast portal: my dog's spirit is bored

bennyb0nes: i gotta get ready for gay ass worknow.
bennyb0nes: ill see ya

breakfast portal: you gotta get ready for absorbing the ol' nantucket moist batch.

bennyb0nes signed off at 3:55:25 PM.
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Metal Band Fight [Oct. 3rd, 2007|05:39 pm]
Butter Logs

[Current Mood |hopefulhopeful]
[Current Music |Ass Lamb - Gravyfuck]

EcricketZ: haha

EcricketZ: Negative Lyceum
EcricketZ: Alien Magus
breakfast portal: Ether Sorcerer
EcricketZ: Hooka Equinox

breakfast portal: Cactus Load
EcricketZ: Ass Rising

breakfast portal: Cosmic Bastard
EcricketZ: Ass Attack
EcricketZ: haha
EcricketZ: Sperm Planet
breakfast portal: fuckin Dinosaur Tomb
EcricketZ: Hate Motherfucker

breakfast portal: Nuclear Magnet?
EcricketZ: Ass Mana!
breakfast portal: Ass Tree
EcricketZ: whats with all the asss?
breakfast portal: Eternal Gypsy
EcricketZ: Gravity Caduceus
breakfast portal: Fuzz Meadow
EcricketZ: Volcanic Lamb

breakfast portal: Lava Pod
EcricketZ: haha
EcricketZ: pod
EcricketZ: Purple Gathering
breakfast portal: how about Gamma Uprise?
EcricketZ: haha
EcricketZ: anything gamma
EcricketZ: Crimson Tentacle
breakfast portal: that one is fully good
breakfast portal: Eternal Horse
EcricketZ: Ass Inducer
breakfast portal: Plutonium Duke
EcricketZ: Ultimate Lotus
breakfast portal: this one may already be in use
breakfast portal: Spiral Mindwarp
EcricketZ: haha
breakfast portal: that might be funny... but you know what's not so funny?
breakfast portal: Eternal Frost
EcricketZ: or..
EcricketZ: Armored Kundalini

EcricketZ: gharbaldi galaxy
breakfast portal: Peyote Tomb
breakfast portal: i think you made up that last one
breakfast portal: liberty squid
EcricketZ: hhaa
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october chats [Oct. 3rd, 2007|05:34 pm]
Butter Logs

[Current Mood |flirtyflirty]
[Current Music |burzum - lost wisdom]

Bennyb0nes: dude
Bennyb0nes: you know how you cut something out,and then paint it on something?
breakfast portal: wait, shit
Bennyb0nes: its sometimes called a stencil?
breakfast portal: yea... probably that
Bennyb0nes: like you cut out a phrase on cardboard,and then you spray paint it to a wall.
Bennyb0nes: theres another word for it
Bennyb0nes: and its not stencil
breakfast portal: spray trace
breakfast portal: i think
breakfast portal: sprayce
Bennyb0nes: you're no help
breakfast portal: i'm right
Bennyb0nes: no your not
breakfast portal: what kind of attitude is that?
Bennyb0nes: attitude can't be projected over the internet
breakfast portal: well if you look at the big picture
breakfast portal: it doesn't really matter what it's called
Bennyb0nes: yyes it does
Bennyb0nes: cause im trying to look it up
Bennyb0nes: and i can't find anything under fucking stencil
Bennyb0nes: cause its not called stencil
breakfast portal: when the sun devours the earth it wont make any difference
breakfast portal: in 50 billion years
Bennyb0nes: i won't be here
Bennyb0nes: so it won't matter
breakfast portal: neither will your fake stencils
breakfast portal: just spray it on there
Bennyb0nes: alright
Bennyb0nes: dude
Bennyb0nes: you know
Bennyb0nes: how when you put a picture on a pumpkin
breakfast portal: make up your own name
Bennyb0nes: but you need a "stencil" first?
Bennyb0nes: there not called stencils
Bennyb0nes: or cut outs
breakfast portal: thats called cheating
Bennyb0nes: there called something else
breakfast portal: tracing i think
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